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Our philosophy is to offer a highly professional and friendly furniture restoration service, from pickup to final delivery.

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What areas do you serve for antique furniture repair?

Our antique furniture restorers operate all around London and many of the surrounding areas. We also work on site from Belgravia to Islington, from Hampstead to Chelsea, from Notting Hill to South Kensington.

We work in most areas of London, although specifically based in west and central London.

We do undertake site work outside of London, specifically for french polishing, and we can also travel abroad.

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Stevens Furniture Restoration London, is a well established antique furniture restoration  and repair service company located in north west London.

Founded by Matthew Stevens, the company employes a highly skilled team of craftsmen with expertise in antique Furniture repair, French polishing and traditional re-upholstery.

We are considered one of the leading antique furniture restorers in London due to our focus on traditional methods and materials to provide top quality results in antique furniture restoration and repair.

“A common ethical approach of any good antique Furniture restorer is the knowledge of how a piece was first crafted. It is important to follow all the same techniques and materials used where possible. You must also seek the least intrusive procedure, preserving as much of the original as possible, in turn not de-valuing the antique piece.”

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Our expert furniture restorers can provide solutions for you: whether it’s an antique wooden furniture repair, re-gilding a picture frame, French polishing a table, re-upholstering a dining chair, or the restoration of a valuable antique piece. At Stevens Furniture Restoration London studios, we fully restore each piece of furniture to the highest standard.

What items do you accept for furniture repair?

Stevens Furniture Restoration London can repair all kinds of modern and antique furniture: chairs, armchairs, tables, staircases, desks, bookcases, beds. Everything.

What does Stevens Furniture Restoration London specialise in?

Stevens Furniture Restoration London specialise in the following areas:

  • Furniture Restoration
  • Furniture Repair
  • French Polishing
  • Re-upholstering
  • Traditional Upholstery

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We currently provide antique furniture restoration and repair, French polishing and re-upholstery services in London, for a wide range of clients from private customers and antique furniture dealers, to leading West End interior designers.
Stevens Furniture Restoration employs fully qualified professionals and, along with founder Matthew Stevens, are considered London’s leading antique furniture restorers, who together have over 60 years’ of experience in furniture repair and antique restoration. Our London team is comprised of a wide range of experts in wooden furniture repair, specialist French Polishers, and experienced furniture re-upholsters.
Stevens Furniture Restoration London’s emphasis is on traditional furniture repair techniques in keeping with the antique furniture’s original design. We believe this focus on detail provides the best results for antique furniture restoration, and so do our customers!
If you desire a high quality antique furniture restoration and repair service, and ease of mind when refurbishing your furniture, please contact us on the details below for a free quote or if you are just curious to see how we operate.


Stevens Furniture Restoration’s team has two expert french polishers with a combined experience of over 30 years, working for prestigious stately homes, commercial buildings and private clients. We can even french polish larger furniture items onsite, ensuring all proper precautions are taken. Through close analysis, we can determine whether or not french polish has been used as not all antique furniture is necessarily french polished. Antique furniture pre-1800s may have been coated in other types of resins and waxes. French polishing is the name given to a wood finishing technique which is the application of many layers of shellac- a natural resin taken from the lac beetle. It is the most used of all the lacquers in antique furniture restoration. It intensifies the colour of most types of wood, and provides a high gloss surface and a beautiful chatoyancy effect.
French polishing is the most exacting and difficult among the wood polishing techniques, however, it provides the best results

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Upholstery is the work of providing furniture, especially seats, with padding, springs, webbing and fabric or leather covers. There are many different approaches and techniques involved in upholstery, properly re-upholstering a valuable piece of furniture can be an intensive and difficult procedure. There are many reasons to re-upholster a piece of antique furniture: if the foundation no longer provides comfort, or the top fabric is no longer suited to your taste. At Stevens Furniture Restoration London we provide a complete service of re-upholstery on both modern and antique furniture, including sofas, armchairs, dining chairs, in leather and fabric. From a Victorian button back to an Eames or Jacobsen chair, we have a broad selection of fabric books from the top suppliers offering plain and more unique styles of material from classic to modern, and we are willing to give you some advice to enhance your piece of furniture with appropriate colours and patterns,

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The word gilding covers a number of decorative techniques for applying fine gold leaf or powder to solid surfaces such as wood, stone or metal to give a thin coating of gold. These gilding techniques are employed especially in framemaking, cabinet making, decorative painting and interior decoration. It’s interesting that the process of gilding wood with gold leaf is the same used since ancient times, and it requires a high level of skill to be perfectly done. Among many forms of gilding (e.g. mechanical, chemical, fire gilding, cold gilding), the most popular are oil and water gilding, very different processes that offer different results. Here at Stevens Furniture Restoration London we use them both efficiently in accordance with the specific work required.

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Stevens Furniture Restoration did a great job on re-finishing our dining table. We had a conversation about what was required and they delivered- very happy, a good service

Pierfrancesco Rossillo Islington N1 - London

Matthew restored and re-upholstered all our chairs they are now pride of place in our dining room, many thanks to him and his team

Frederic Hall
South Kensington W3 - London

Matthew and his team delivered a superb service- We had a queen Anne Marquetry table which required some much needed restoration. He provided us with all the relevant information required on how they would approach the project and the finally results were first rate, fine craftsmanship. We’re very pleased with the final outcome, thank you

Nicholas Barnsbury Nottinghill W11 - London

I have know and worked with Matthew Stevens on various interior and restoration projects over for the past eight years. I have always consulted Matthew’s opinion and expertise. His knowledge on Period Furniture Restoration is off the highest standards. His attention to detail, sympathetic period restoration is beyond reproach. Matthew always has a clear idea as to the levels of restoration required, especially if budget and time limits are an issue. He offers a friendly and professional service.

John Price - London


In antique furniture restoration, oiling can produce a very natural finish, highlighting the natural character of the timber and leaving a more open grain. There are many different types of oils, all of which have varying properties, some are more durable, others can be applied with ease, whereas some brands provide a rich radiance. Here at Stevens Furniture Restoration London, we are experts in choosing the right product and the right procedure to treat your antique furniture piece in the best way.


Spraying is the most durable of finishes in furniture refurbishment, often required for pieces of furniture which are used on daily bases, and the customer requires a treatment that makes their furniture resistant to most domestic accidents as spills of hot or cold liquids. The process is preferable on modern pieces and recommended not to be undertaken on antique furniture pieces.


This is perhaps the most common type of varnish used in furniture refinishing, and can provide an “in between option” from French polish to spray finish, taking into account durability and aesthetics. It is generally applied with a brush and cut back between coats. It provides good durability for most frequently used items of furniture.


Wax is perhaps the most used product in our workshop. Waxing, indeed, is the least intrusive of all the finishes in antique furniture restoration, but comes highly recommended by our furniture restorer experts as it provides excellent results on most items of wooden furniture. Wax, in the right quantity and as often as needed, can be used freely to clean your antique furniture, but also as a reviving product when necessary, with the added bonus that is very easy to use in most cases.