Masterpiece 2018 London Art Fair - Stevens Furniture Resoration

Masterpiece London Airt Fair Returns



Stevens Furniture Restoration is happy to announce “The masterpiece art fair” perhaps the most prestigious summer collectibles fair to hit London. Showcasing a treasure trove of exceptional antique furniture and objet d’art. If you are interested in experiencing craftsmanship that is unparalleled and have a love for antique furniture Masterpiece Art Fair is for you, Other items which are on sale as well as antique furniture are modern designer furniture, modern art, rare wines and luxury watches. You will also find goods exhibited, ranging from Greek and Etruscan artefacts to Andy Warhol. This year the Masterpiece exhibition will be held from 27 June to 4 July at the Royal Hospital Chelsea and will host more than 150 international, world famous exhibitors. The list of participants is still being finalised: Stevens Furniture Restoration therefore recommends that you should keep yourselves up-to-date by consulting the official portal of the event exhibitors so as not to miss this summer appointment, also suitable for those seeking expert retailers of antique furniture restoration and valuable modern furniture repair.

Masterpiece, a Fair but also a cultural event

At Masterpiece London stands more like art exhibitions than sale’s spaces increase from year to year; veritable curators, for example, installed the exhibition in commemoration of Zaha Hadid, and the Belgium designer and antiques dealer Axel Vervoordt exhibited ancient Egyptian and Roman sculptures together with modern works of art and contemporary design. In short, you can find everything at Masterpiece Art Fair and the visual impact is unusual and considerable.


This year, the Masterpiece Art Fair is celebrating its eighth edition. Founded in 2010, is has made a name for itself as the most important summer event in the United Kingdom for those wishing to buy quality works of art. Around 40 thousand visitors every year travel to London to visit the Masterpiece exhibition recognising this fair as the most luxurious and sumptuous. Visitors include not only the curious, collectors and connoisseurs but also important people in the sector such as museum directors and specialists of important cultural events in the United Kingdom. In fact, Masterpiece Art Fair has developed from year to year, increasing its prestige and ranges from the art of Egyptian antiques to cutting edge design: with its exhibitors of rare objects and jewellery, and experts in period furniture restoration and innovators in the design field, it covers 5000 years of history.


The great names of modern and mid Twentieth century design such as Jean Prouvéo Fredrikson Stallard are dedicated a considerable amount of space within the Masterpiece Art Fair and some works are created especially for the fair. The Based Upon studio, for example, has created a desk inspired by the cultural roots of the client and his early childhood in Siberia. In many cases some exhibitors even choose Masterpiece London Art Fair to make their debut in the sector, as happened for some Italians specialising in post-war Italian art.

Here as some famous works of art exhibited at the Masterpiece London Art Fair

Some of the most important works exhibited at Masterpiece are:

  • a marble chariot sculpted in Rome in 200 B.C., shown by Valerio Turchi;
  • the Madonna con Bambino e San Giovanni (1627), (Madonna with Child and Saint John) in the Discovery section, the masterpiece attributed to Sir Anthony van Dyck and hidden from the public since 1887;
  • a mummy’s mask, still intact, discovered at Thebes in Egypt and dating back to 760-525 B.C. (Ariadne Galleries);
  • antique jewellery from the Fijis (Patrick & Ondine Mestdagh);
  • Louis XV and XVI furniture;
  • Sèvres and Meissen ceramics;
  • rare silverware exhibited by very famous galleries such as Adrian Sassoon, Steinitz, Röbbig München and Michele Beiny.